Nederman Equipment from
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Dust Collectors (S-Series)


  • 162 Sq Ft of filter media
  • Easy installation & Quiet operation
  • Two waste discharge points

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  • 243 Sq Ft of filter media
  • Easy installation & Quiet operation
  • Three waste discharge points

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  • 360 Sq Ft of filter media
  • Easy installation & Quiet operation
  • Three waste discharge points

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How Nederman Dust Collectors Work

  1. During normal operation, contaminated air travels down into the supply duct 1
  2. Next the air enters the material handling fan 2
  3. Then the dust enters the hopper section of the filter 5
  4. As air moves slower within the hopper, the heavier dust particles fall into the collection bags 6
  5. The leftover dust then travels up into the filter bags 4
  6. The contaminated air is now clean and passes through the filter bag into the environment 3


Nederman S-Series dust collectors are ideal for indoor applications, come easy to install and are made available in three sizes with the capacity of producing up to 5000 CFM. Because their fans operate at a low rpm, Nederman dust collectors are exceptionally quiet and include a Superbag filter which is 99% efficient and safe with wood dust. For over sixty years, Nederman has been developing and manufacturing solutions to improve environmental issues and working conditions throughout a range of industries including woodworking, machining, chemical, metal fabrication, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, and more. Air Cleaning Specialists is proud to be a Nederman distributor and we strive to continually provide high-quality, affordable, and seamless exhaust extraction systems to businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Nederman Dust Collectors

  • Single or three phase
  • Simple Installation
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Quiet operation - less < 70 db(A) @ 10’
  • Easy disposal using bags, drums or bins
  • NFPA compliant for indoor usage
  • 99% efficiency Parented SuperBags
  • Three waste discharge points
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Compliant with NFPA 664 guidelines -*(7)


About ACS

Air Cleaning Spacialists Inc. is a one-stop shop for all of your Nederman product, part and filter needs. Air Cleaning Specialists Inc. is an authorized distributor of Nederman products. Air Cleaning specialists is not directly afiliated with Nederman.