10M (Manual Clean)

  • 3 m (10 ft.) Nederman Original extraction arm
  • Auto Start/Stop Feature

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10A (Automatic Clean)

  • 3 m (10 ft.) Nederman Original extraction arm
  • Automatic Cleaning Unit

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Nederman Portable Fume & Dust Extractor

Nederman FilterBox units are interchangeable, pliable welding fume and dust extractors that act as a solution to general welding fume and non-combustible dust demands. To enhance individual applications, a series of accessories can be easily attached. FilterBox units can operate as both mobile or as fixed mounted units. ACS offers manual cleaning units, as well as, automatic cleaning units to meet the requirements of any work environment. Our Nederman FilterBox collection includes features such as auto start/stop, conveniently movable extractor arms, silencers, integrated LCD displays, powerful fans, and more to overcome the hazards of light, medium and heavy dust and fume applications.

10M FilterBox The 10M FilterBox is a manually clean, mobile unit that includes an N24 fan to ensure maximum airflow capacity of 600 CFM. With its integrated silencer that reduces noise, ergonomic change of filter cartridge, operating hours meter, filter indicator with alarm, and automatic damper minimizing dust leakage feature, commercial and industrial environments can be guaranteed to benefit from high-quality, clean air. FilterBox models vary and may come equipped with mechanical cleaning dust applications or a combo of mechanical and compressed air cleaning for fumes. If additional protection against harmful contaminants is required, ACS suggests utilizing a HEPA filter.

10A FilterBox Featuring an N24 fan for max airflow of 1000 m3 /h (600 CFM), this unit is automatically cleaned for light to medium fume and dust applications and includes an advanced filter control system that auto cleans when air flow is too low. Nederman FilterBox 10A can be equipped with mechanical cleaning or mechanical and compressed air cleaning to extract fumes and dust and is available as a mobile moving unit or attaches to a floor stand. With its optional HEPA filter, silencer, easily maneuvering extractor arm, and dust free emptying of dust bin, applications can ensure a meticulous clean and healthy environment.


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