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  • Best for Welding Applications
  • Applications: Light Welding & Extraction Operations

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  • Designed for Extraction of Odors
  • Applications: Solvents, Fumes & Other Gas Contaminants

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  • Discounted Parts & Filters
  • Parts & Filters Only

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Nederman Portable Welding Fume Extractors

ACS has partnered with Nederman to supply businesses within the welding industry high-quality, cost-effective solutions to overcome their welding fume, solvent, and gas contaminant challenges. Nederman Filter Carts act as portable fume extractors which are uniquely designed to provide the best performance in welding applications. Easy to maneuver, our Filter Carts include extraction arm standard and integrated LED spotlights to enhance their user-friendly design.

Ideal for light to medium welding applications, our carbon Filter Cart model includes a filter to collect organic vapors, while W3 is specifically designed with a metal hood to create maximum air velocity at the welding spot, and the original model features a long lasting disposable filter and large filter surface to guarantee proficiency. All Nederman portable welding fume extractor models can come equipped with HEPA 13 filter for maximum efficiency when required. ACS also offers discounted replacement parts and filters to help businesses keep costs down.


About ACS

Air Cleaning Spacialists Inc. is a one-stop shop for all of your Nederman product, part and filter needs. Air Cleaning Specialists Inc. is an authorized distributor of Nederman products. Air Cleaning specialists is not directly afiliated with Nederman.