Fume Arms

Welding, Fume & Dust Arms


  • Light Duty Applications
  • Best for Tight Spaces
  • Small Workshops, Schools, Training

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  • Medium Duty Applications
  • Most Popular Unit!
  • Workshops, Repair & Light Metal Fab

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Nex MD

  • Medium to Heavy Duty Applications
  • High Air Flow Design
  • Low Pressure Drop

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Nex HD

  • Heavy Duty Applications
  • Highest Airflows
  • Heavy Duty Weld & Dust Extraction

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Corrosion & Explosion Proof Arms

Original CR

  • Corrosion Resistant Dust Extraction Arm
  • For environments with Fumes, Vapors, or Non Explosive Dust

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Nex S

  • For Environments Containing Explosive Dust & Gas
  • Environments w/ High Hygienic Demands

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Nex D

  • ATEX Approved Combustible Dust Extraction Arm
  • For Industries Where Hygiene is a Top Priority

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Nex DX

  • ATEX Approved Combustible Dust Extraction Arm
  • For Industries Where Hygiene is a Top Priority

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Extension Arms

  • Designed to be Used When Extra Reach is Needed
  • Extension Can be Connected Direct to a Single Fan or to a Ducted System

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Nederman Arms

Our complete line of Nederman fume arms provide the highest standard of exhaust extraction to applications across a multitude of industries. From small workshops to repair and light metal fabrication, environments with non-explosive dust to those with high hygienic demands, ACS’ selection of Nederman arms are manufactured to meet and protect regulatory health requirements.

Nederman welding, fume, and dust arms are available in a variety of designs that feature full flexibility and can be fitted to stationary and mobile vacuum and filter units to conveniently accommodate positions within any application. To ensure efficient weld fume and dust removal, it’s suggested to implement a close or at-source extraction system. Nederman fume arms, also known as snorkels, differ in diameter and length, can be located 6 to 15 inches away from the fume generator, and generally, have a 500 to 1,000 CFM extraction volume. This specific category of Nederman arms are capable of meeting the demands within small working spaces, as well as, in instances where a snorkel must extend 20 feet or longer.

For workspaces that face corrosion, combustible dust, and explosive gases, Air Cleaning Specialists carries a designated selection of Nederman fume arms that fulfill all environment requirements. Our corrosion resistant extraction arm is ideal for use with fumes, vapors, and non-explosive dust, while our Nex series is most effective in applications that contain combustible dust and gas and features two ATEX approved snorkel models that are best-suited for industries in which hygiene is a first priority.

Nederman Fume Arm Features

  • Telescopic Fume Arm
  • Flexible in all directions
  • Simple to position & extend
  • Includes an adjustable balance block
  • Swivel element allows extraction arm to rotate 360 degrees
  • Ideal for environments with fumes, vapors and non-explosive dust where space is limited
  • Original CR Fume Arms
  • The hood can be tilted in all directions
  • Swivel allows 360° rotation
  • Equipped with a damper in the hood
  • Great for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Can be mounted with different brackets, extension arms, on exhaust rails or on fixed or mobile filter equipment
  • Original Fume Arm
  • Flexible extractor in all directions
  • Easy to position
  • Standard damper in the hood
  • Excellent for extracting welding smoke, fumes & dust in workshops
  • Nex S Fume Arm
  • Open support arm system and hood made of acid proofed polished stainless steel
  • Completely closed profiles, for maximum protection
  • Suitable for use in explosive environments, zone 1/21, 2/22
  • Flexible in all directions and simple to position
  • Ned MD Fume Arm
  • Flexible in all directions
  • Arm rotates 360 degrees with suspended robust swivel
  • Well balanced and seamlessly positioned
  • Can be mounted with different brackets, extension arms or on exhaust rails
  • Ideal for high airflows and extraction of media with higher temperatures than normal
  • Nex D Fume Arm
  • Features concealed joints and a separate easy-to-mount hose
  • Approved for explosive environments
  • Suitable for industries where hygiene is a top priority
  • Includes an enclosed support arm and stainless steel hood
  • Nex HD Fume Arm
  • Extremely flexible, perfectly balanced and very simple to position
  • Longer life, enclosed support mechanism protects from dirt
  • Once positioned, this arm remains in point
  • Rotation of 360 degrees from robust swivel mount
  • Nex DX Fume Arm
  • Features a double earthed system, antistatic earthed ventilation hose that prevents static electricity and sparks
  • Constructed with concealed joints and includes a separate easy to mount hose
  • Little maintenance and easy to clean
  • Ideal for industries where hygiene is a top priority
  • Hoses with even higher resistance to aggressive solids and gaseous media are available
  • Extension Arms
  • Designed to be used when extra reach is needed
  • Equipped with a universal bracket at the end which fits all Nederman extraction arms
  • Manufactured from robust steel profiles
  • Features a diameter 200mm (7,78") hose, for high airflows
  • Suspended by a pivoting wall bracket & a joint on the middle of the product for max flexibility


About ACS

Air Cleaning Spacialists Inc. is a one-stop shop for all of your Nederman product, part and filter needs. Air Cleaning Specialists Inc. is an authorized distributor of Nederman products. Air Cleaning specialists is not directly afiliated with Nederman.