Suction Blasters


  • Portable dustless abrasive sandblasting
  • Highly effective way of removing rust, old paint, & welding scale

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  • Portable dustless abrasive blasting equipment
  • Suitable for different purposes and applications

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  • Portable dustless abrasive blasting equipment
  • Suitable for different purposes and applications

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Nederman Vacuumblaster

Nederman suction blasters push technology forward by eliminating the drawbacks of traditional blasting. By providing a dust free process, working environments are able to function without surrounding areas being exposed to media. Nederman vacuums are user-friendly, portable, and can be used indoors, outdoors and in confined spaces without causing a disturbance to individuals working around them. The blasting agent used within this set of Nederman vacuums is automatically drawn back into the unit, where it’s cleaned and recycled allowing the work process to involve less refilling interruptions. Promote a healthier work environment, lower maintenance costs, and reap the benefits of a mobile and easy-to-use suction blaster by requesting a quote on any one of our three models.

Benefits of Nederman Vacuum Suction Blasters

  • Dust free and safe
  • Clean and interruption free
  • No screening or special protective equipment required
  • Blasting media can be reused at least 3 times
  • No post cleaning required
  • Blasting replaces chemicals and rust agents
  • All approved blasting media can be used
  • The air from the unit is purified and can be return to the premises
  • Blasted material is collected in a waste bag
  • Compact and easy to move between workstations

Nederman Vacuumblaster SB 750. A perfectly clean surface is easily achievable through abrasive sandblasting which in turn also acts as an exceptional grip for following surface treatments. Model SB750 out powers traditional blasting units by providing workplaces with a healthier and cleaner environment. Blasting is used to effectively dispose of old paint, dust, and welding scale and can replace chemical or mechanical grinding. With superior accessibility, Nederman suction blaster SB750 can clean the shape of any surface while keeping the blasting process closed and free of dust.

Nederman Vacuumblaster 418A/460A. Fully complete and mounted on a trolley with a grit separator, this portable dustless compressed air blasting and media recovery system is ideal for use in heavy duty, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum applications. Nederman SB418A/SB460A ensures sufficient speed of operation by working from pressure vessels that are combined with compressed air filters and pressure regulators. The capacity of this unit is determined by the max pressure and type of blasting abrasive being used. The included sieve makes sure that larger extracted particles do not enter the blast vessel and the filling cone is pushed up by the blasting abrasive ensuring the lid above it receives adequate clearance to eject the abrasive.

Nederman SB418E/SB460E. This electrical powered, mobile dustless abrasive blasting unit provides superior productivity, suction power and separation efficiency in heavy duty mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum applications. Based on pressure vessels that are paired with pressure regulators and compressed air filters, Nederman SB418E/SD460E guarantees proficient operational speed and a dust-free atmosphere. Suitable for a range of purposes and applications, these units also feature a pneumatic valve that has an automatic filter cleaning element and is located in the bottom of the silo to empty dust into a plastic bag.


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